All LEAP Exosuits and their abilities explained

Here's what each Exosuit can do in battle.

Image via Blue Isle Studios

LEAP, the new 60-player first-person shooter that evokes thoughts and feelings of the classic shooter Tribes, is now in playtest on Steam.

The developer of games like Citadel: Forged with Fire, Valley, and Slender: The Arrival is trying its hand at something different, and it should strike a chord with fans of PC shooters of the ’90s in a big way.

The game has different playable Exosuits, which can be thought of as player classes, that can be customized with different skins and abilities called Suit Modules.

The four Exosuits—Pathfinder, Titan, Wraith, and Tech Ops—all have their own unique Suit Modules to help customize your playstyle. The Pathfinder offers a well-balanced attack, the Titan is tanky, the Wraith emphasizes movement and speed, and Tech Ops is all about equipment like grenades.

Here are the four Exosuits available in the game at the launch of the playtest.


Screengrab via Blue Isle Studios
  • Primary weapon: Avenger AR, Burst AR (level 3)
  • Secondary: M7 Tactical shotgun, T32 Flak Cannon (level 6), DTS Enforcer (level 11)
  • Ability: Support Shield – “Provides cover from enemy fire and passive healing for all inside its shell.”
    – Assault Shield (level 8)
  • Throwable: Frag Grenade, Sticky Grenade, Impact Grenade (level 10)
  • Ultimate: Airstrike – “Call in a fighter jet to perform a bombing run and lay waste to your enemies from the comfort of the sidelines.”
    – Havana Device (level 14)

Suit Modules

  • Visionary: Automatically spot visible enemies who are within 50 meters.
  • Enhanced Radar: Increase your radar range by 50 percent.
  • Speed Demon: Increase the speed of your personal vehicles by 20 percent.
  • Field Medic: Revived downed teammates 60 percent faster.
  • Enhanced Grapple: Increased max target range of the grappling hook by 25 percent.


Screengrab via Blue Isle Studios
  • Primary: Freedom Fire LMG, Overkiller (level 6)
  • Secondary: Odinspear-RL, PSF Shredder (level 3), Plasma Cannon (level 8), Hellblade (level 12)
  • Ability: Thunderblast – “Charge up and hurl yourself a tlightnind speed towards a target for maximum carnage.”
    – Overdash (level 10)
  • Throwable: Frag Grenade, Cluster Grenade (level 2)
  • Ultimate: Devastator – “Weapons deal more damage and armor is enhanced, but movement is limited.”
    – Portable MG Station (level 14)

Suit Modules

  • Full Health: Increase your health by 30 percent.
  • Hardened Shields: Increase your shields by 10 percent.
  • Eco-Friendly Jetpacks: Reduce jetpack fuel consumption by 33 percent.
  • Reactive Armor: Reduce damage received from incoming explosives by 40 percent.


Screengrab via Blue Isle Studios
  • Primary: Scout LRR, Deadeye (level 7)
  • Secondary: Power Sword, Sidewinder Pistol (level 3), Predator SMG (level 10)
  • Ability: Cloak – “Allows you to temporarily sprint faster and leap to greater heights.”
    – Invisibility (level 9)
  • Throwable: Frag Grenade, Throwing Stars, EMP Grenade (level 2), DET Pack (level 11)
  • Ultimate: Orbital Laser – “Uses remote control targeting to blast enemies from space with high precision.”

Suit Modules

  • Acrobat: Provides a third jump.
  • Accelerated Boots: Increase your ground movement speed by 15 percent.
  • Jump Thrusters: Increases your vertical distance when jumping by 25 percent.
  • Triple Dash: Provides a third dash charge.

Tech Ops

Screengrab via Blue Isle Studios
  • Primary: Incendiary AR, PSF Stinger (level 3), Concussion R-TR (level 10)
  • Secondary: Reconstructor Beam, Phoenix (level 6)
  • Ability: Gun Turret – “A self-operating gun-mounted rotor that automatically opens fire on enemies within range.”
    – Rocket Turret (level 11)
  • Throwable: Frag Grenade, Healing Grenade, Deploy Beacon (level 5), Recharge Station (level 8)
  • Ultimate: Thunderhawk Guided Missile – “A rocket-propelled drone piloted by you! Useful for long range, target strikes against an enemy position.”
    – Automated Overseer (level 14)

Suit Modules

  • Superthrow: Throw grenades 40 percent farther than normal.
  • Grenade Belt: Carry up to three grenades.
  • Jumbo Grenades: Grenades have a 25 percent larger area of effect radius.
  • Accelerated Deployment: Shorten your redeploy time by 25 percent.