All in-game Hyper Scape events that viewers can vote on

Impact the game by watching.

Image via Ubisoft

The Hyper Scape technical test dropped today. Dozens of streamers are playing the new battle royale with hundreds of thousands watching, hoping to get access via drops. 

The stylized, sci-fi setting stands out just as much as its fast-paced, vertical gameplay. But what makes Ubisoft’s entry into the battle royale space unique is its Twitch partnership and integration.

The dynamic battle royale takes that same approach to its interactive features on Twitch. Hyper Scape viewers can earn rewards through drops and directly affect the game by voting on events. These global events have an effect on all of the map, New Arcadia, from dropping loot crates to revealing everyone’s position to one another. After a three-second countdown, the event triggers. Subscribers’ votes are tripled.

Additional integration through the Twitch extention Hyper Scape Crown cast includes the ability to view a streamer’s weapon loadout, match progress, and squad stats.

Here are all the events you can vote on while watching your favorite streamer play Hyper Scape.

  • Low Gravity – Alters gravity for higher jumps and longer leaps.
  • Extra jump – Contenders can make multiple extra jumps.
  • Supply crate Spawns special supply crates in random locations.
  • Infinite ammo – Gives contenders infinite ammo reserves.
  • Health Kit – Spawns health kit pickups.
  • Reveal – Reveals the position of all remaining contenders.
  • Cooldown accelerator – Spawn cooldown accelerators that reduce hack cooldown times.

Link your Uplay account with your Twitch account and tune in to Hyper Scape technical test streams with drops enabled for a chance to try out the newest battle royale.