All Gravity sorceries in Elden Ring

Hurl rocks and bend gravity to your will.

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There are a wide array of sorcery types in Elden Ring, and Gravity sorceries are among the most dependable and easy to use. Gravity sorceries are a fantastic source of damage in the mid-to-late game and can easily stay at the center point of your build-up until the very end of the game. 

While they are few in number, Gravity sorceries can still pack a punch. You won’t need to be constantly switching up your loadout of sorceries to effectively get the most out of them. Furthermore, Gravity sorceries can be most closely associated with one of Elden Ring’s most popular staffs, the Meteorite Staff, which boosts the damage of all Gravity sorceries by 30 percent. 

Whether you’re looking to add a bit more damage to your build or focus entirely on being a rock-hurling, gravity-focused sorcerer, Gravity sorceries are always a viable option. Here are all of the Gravity sorceries in Elden Ring.  

Collapsing Stars

Perhaps the most core ability for all Gravity sorcerers, Collapsing Stars launches a barrage of purple celestial bodies at your target after a quick windup. This sorcery is perfect for single-target damage and should be used every time you have an opening to attack an enemy or boss. The sorcery itself can be found in the War-Dead Catacombs in Caelid.  

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Rock Sling

Rock Sling is the only Gravity sorcery that deals 100 percent physical damage and is great for attempting to break a target’s stance. You’ll want to be casting this spell mostly at long range during the midsection of the leveling process, but Rock Sling will hold a place in your rotation throughout your adventures in the Lands Between thanks to its versatility and dependability. 

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Gravity Well

Gravity Well is a single-target spell that launches an orb of “condensed gravitational force” at your target. Targets hit by the spell take damage and are pulled slightly closer to you. The sorcery can be obtained after defeating the Lesser Alabaster Lord in the Academy of Raya Lucaria. 


The Meteorite sorcery summons forth three rock shards from the sky, raining down on nearby targets. The relatively slow spell deals both physical and magic damage. The sorcery for Meteorite can be obtained after defeating the Onyx Lord in the Royal Grave Evergaol. 

Meteorite of Astel

Similar to the Meteorite sorcery, Meteorite of Astel summons forth a raining cascade of meteorites. The only difference with Meteorite of Astel is that it can be channeled as opposed to being chain-casted. The sorcery is dropped by the boss Astel, Stars of Darkness.