All game modes in Chocobo GP

These should do, for now.

Screengrab via Square Enix

The Final Fantasy franchise is almost 35 years old and Square Enix is looking to make 2022, its anniversary year, a memorable one for the long-running series.

While most fans had another remake or a new addition to the series in mind, the franchise caught everyone off guard with Chocobo GP, a Final Fantasy racer game for Nintendo Switch. Featuring a similar gameplay style with Mario KartChocobo GP features iconic locations from the franchise as maps like Zozo, Big Bridge, Gold Saucer, and Alexandria.

Upon its release, Chocobo GP is likely to have five different game modes, but more can always be added with future content patches.

Grand Prix

  • The Grand Prix mode serves as Chocobo GP’s online tournament system. The mode allows 64 players to compete against each other in eight-player races, and the top four finishers in every race move on to the next round.

Multiplayer and Custom Race

  • The Multiplayer and Custom Race game mode allows players to set up local and online matches. The mode allows players to customize their race, making each race unique

Series Races

  • The Series Races mode is basically a competition where players compete in a four-course series.

Story Mode

  • The Story Mode takes Chocobo GP players on a narrative journey and explains the game’s lore in the process.

Time Attack

  • Time Attack mode lets players race against time. Players will have the option to beat their own best times or compete against other players’ achievements.