All game modes in Back 4 Blood explained

Simple yet effective.

Screengrab via Turtle Rock Studios

Before zombie game modes and TV shows became mainstream, the Left 4 Dead franchise was the sole representative of the genre. Its design and gameplay elements were revolutionary, and many gamers dedicated hours to beat the games alongside friends.

The Left 4 Dead franchise was cut short at only two games, but its developers are back with a new game that resembles their enthusiasm for the genre. Back 4 Blood is more than a zombie survival game, it’s the long-awaited heir of the Left 4 Dead series.

With improved graphics, additional quality-of-life features, and addicting game modes, Back 4 Blood is looking to become the best zombie slaying game in the market, and there are a few different ways when it comes to how you’d like to enjoy the game.

Here are all the game modes in Back 4 Blood.


When you first load into Back 4 Blood, you’ll want to complete the campaign first to pick up the basics and dive into the game’s story.

The campaign mode can be completed alone or you can also invite other players to go through the campaign with you. Players also have the option to join others’ campaigns, meaning you can decide to help a player out regardless of where exactly they are in the campaign.

Back 4 Blood also aims for replayability with ever-changing environments, enemy types, and hazards, meaning you may find yourself in a completely different situation when you join someone else’s campaign mode after completing it once yourself.


While campaigning and trying to survive as long as you can is fun, some players may feel inclined to test their Back 4 Blood skills against other players. The game’s PvP mode will be the perfect place for them since they’ll be able to play against each other in opposing teams.

Teams will take turns as Cleaners and Ridden. When you’re a Cleaner, you’ll want to survive as long as possible to earn more points while players on the Ridden team will try to reduce your survival time and the overall points you can accumulate.

After both teams play a round as Cleaner and Ridden, the team with the most points will win the game.