All Copy Ability locations in Kirby and The Forgotten Land

You have some collecting to do... and some extra after that.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Many gaming fans may know Kirby best for the friendly pink creature’s ability to copy enemies’ ability by sucking them up and absorbing their powers. 

Just like in previous games, these Copy Abilities can be found scattered throughout the various stages and worlds, however, in Kirby and The Forgotten Land, each ability can also be upgraded via a shop in the Waddle Dee Town hub. It isn’t as simple as just unlocking the shop and then paying for upgrades, however, as you will actually have to do a bit more to unlock Kirby’s true potential. 

Along with Star Coins, which you will need to pay for the shop’s upgrade services, you will also need a certain number of Power Stones to upgrade each ability. These Power Stones can be found in stages after you complete various challenges. 

The core thing you need for these Copy Ability upgrades, outside of unlocking the Waddle Dee’s Weapon Shop by building up Waddle Dee Town, is Copy Ability Blueprints. These items are scattered throughout the game, just like the abilities they imitate and can be unlocked by playing the game, exploring each stage, and finding where HAL Laboratory hid them away. 

Once you unlock the blueprints, you can upgrade your abilities to their peak to help along your journey. And here is where you can find each blueprint throughout the game. 

All Copy Ability Blueprint locations in Kirby and The Forgotten Land

Noble Ranger Blueprint

Obtained after beating Tropic Woods, the boss of The Tropical Terror. 

Space Ranger Blueprint

Right as you are about to break the cage holding three captured Waddle Dees at the end of Conquer the Inferno Road, look off to the right and you will see a flying target. 

Using the Ranger ability, lock onto it and knock it down, which will give you the Space Ranger Blueprint.

Chakram Cutter

Visit Waddle Dee’s Weapon Shop.

Buzz-Saw Cutter

Near the middle of the Searching the Oasis stage, you will be dealing with poison and can find this blueprint in a backend platform hidden near some trees. 

Gigant Sword Blueprint

Defeat the Wild Edge miniboss at Circuit Speedway.

Meta Knight Sword Blueprint

Defeat Meta Knight in the Waddle Dee Town Colosseum for the first time. 

Morpho Knight Sword

Complete all the post-game content. 

Chain Bomb Blueprint

During your Fast-Flowing Waterworks run, you will unlock this blueprint after completing a battle challenge. 

Homing Bomb Blueprint

Defeat King Dedede for the first time during your run through An Unexpected Beast King.

Pencil Drill Blueprint

You can obtain this blueprint by beating Clawroline for the first time in Danger under the Big Top.

Twin Drill Blueprint

As soon as you begin your venture into Moonlight Canyon, this blueprint is located in a barrel on the top left cliff platform. 

Deep Sleep Blueprint

At the end of a secret tunnel close to the end of Burning, Churning Power Plant, you can find this blueprint.

Clutter Needle Blueprint

At the start of Scale the Cement Summit, you will scale several ladders and find some bombable blocks. Destroying the one on the ground marked by a blue and silver lining will reveal several Star Coins and this blueprint. 

Crystal Needle Blueprint

Once you defeat the Fleurina miniboss in The Wastes Where Life Began, a chest to the left contains this blueprint. 

Frosty Ice Blueprint

Once you get through The Battle of Blizzard Bridge you are awarded this blueprint. 

Blizzard Ice Blueprint

Another easy one, you can claim this blueprint for beating Sillydillo during the Collector in the Sleepless Valley. 

Time Crash Blueprint

Fittingly, this powerful blueprint is hidden in the Invasion at the House of Horrors in hole near the end of the level. 

Storm Tornado Blueprint

Near the end of Gathering of the Beast Council, the blueprint is hidden on the lower right platform next to the rollercoaster. 

Fleur Tornado Blueprint

In The Wondaria Dream Parade, use Mouthful Mode to push the parade floats into the walls around the area and you will find a cracked wall hiding a Waddle Dee to rescue. Behind that is another wall to break where you can get this blueprint. 

Volcano Fire

Visit Waddle Dee’s Weapon Shop.

Dragon Fire Blueprint

Nearly as easy as its predecessor, simply use Scissor-Lift Mouth on the right side of the map in Metro on Ice and you will find this blueprint on the platform. 

Toy Hammer Blueprint

During the last area of Welcome to Wondaria, water all four flowers and this blueprint will appear. 

Wild Hammer Blueprint

After finishing the Wild Bonkers miniboss in Alivel Mall (Staff Side,) you can use the Hammer ability on the two nails remaining in the room, which will reveal a chest containing this blueprint. 

Masked Hammer Blueprint

You get this blueprint as a reward for finishing the game and talking to King Dedede in Waddle Dee Town.