All Attack on Titan skins coming to Dead by Daylight

Fans of the series are in for a treat.

Screengrab via Behaviour Interactive

During Dead by Daylight‘s sixth-anniversary stream earlier today, Behaviour Interactive revealed the game’s first anime collaboration with the massively popular anime and manga series Attack on Titan. The collab will feature a set of 10 outfits for existing survivors and killers and will be available for players “soon.”

Behaviour Interactive revealed that lead protagonist Eren Yaeger will make an appearance as an outfit for Dwight, Scout Regiment squad leader Hange Zoë will show up as a skin for Zarina, and Oni will get to hunt down survivors as the Armored Titan. So far, only these three outfits have been confirmed out of the 10 skins set to be featured in the Attack on Titan collaboration.

Dwight as Eren Yaeger

Screengrab via Behaviour Interactive

The main character from Attack on Titan meets Dwight Fairfield. It’s clear from the concept art that the Dead by Daylight team wanted to make sure that fans could still recognize the beloved survivor, as shown by his hair and glasses.

Zarina as Hange Zoë

Screengrab via Behaviour Interactive

During the stream, Dead by Daylight art director Xavier Etchepare explained that they chose to give Zarina Kassir Hange’s iconic eyepatch but opted to steer away from her glasses because the survivor released in Chapter 15 doesn’t ever wear glasses in the game.

Oni as the Armored Titan

Screengrab via Behaviour Interactive

The hardening ability found in the Attack on Titan anime series will make an appearance on the Ultra Rare Oni cosmetic. Oni’s Blood Fury mode will cause blue crystals to sprout from the Armored Titan, and based on the concept art revealed during the broadcast, the killer’s katana will be replaced by a crystal-like sword too.