4-player co-op mod coming to Elden Ring

Let's all be maindenless together.

Image via FromSoftware

If you enjoyed Elden Ring but wish there was a way to experience FromSoftware’s massive game with a friend or two, you’re in luck. A new mod from LukeYui turns the entirety of Elden Ring into a co-op experience, allowing for shared progression, persistence after death, and much more.

The mod is getting a beta release on Nexus Mods scheduled for May 27, according to LukeYui. And if that beta release goes smoothly, players should be able to invite a friend or three along with them the next time they feel like fighting their way through some monstrosities.

Of course, Elden Ring already employs a form of native co-op, allowing players to enter other players’ games during boss battles. This method, however, ends upon death, and allies that are summoned into other players’ games won’t stick around and actually play through the game. The mechanic is of more use for small instances where players need help defeating a difficult boss.

LukeYui’s mod, on the other hand, allows up to four co-op players to play in the same game throughout the group’s progression, regardless of a player dying. This means progression through the game is shared, as are all the game’s rewards for defeating enemies.

The mod even allows players to turn on a PvP mode, with which players can simulate friendly fire… or compete to see who can slay a boss first, with the added threat of a co-op player being able to off one of their friends before they get a chance to deliver the final blow themselves.

The mod, which can only be accessed by PC players, completely transforms the way Elden Ring can be played. A true co-op experience means players can actually diversify builds and create a team that compliments each other, rather than seeking out the best build for playing through the game solo. With co-op party members, previously weak character builds may become viable, opening up new opportunities for players.

With the beta due to release, Elden Ring fans will want to keep their eyes out for this mod.