2 new Talons of Tyranny skins debut in Smite tomorrow

This collection keeps getting better.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

The upcoming week will be jam-packed with content for Smite thanks to the 8.4 bonus update.

The most visually pleasing aspect of the update will be two new Talons of Tyranny skins for a pair of popular characters.

Image via Hi-Rez Studios

Kuzenbot Kuzenbo and Stitched Creation Agni are the latest to join Smite through the Talons of Tyranny event. Stitched Creation Agni is a yarn-doll take on the fire god, while Kuzenbot Kuzenbo looks like something from an Iron Man comic. Both of these skins will be a part of chapter two of Talons of Tyranny and can be obtained in one of two ways.

Players can either buy the entire Talons of Tyranny collection or roll for a chance at unlocking one of the two skins from a pool that includes other skins from the chapter. If you want to buy the entire Talons of Tyranny collection right now, it will cost you 8,160 gems. If you don’t have any gems right now, you’d need to spend at least $105 to get enough gems to purchase the collection.

If you’d rather test your luck and roll, you’ll have a one-in-five chance of snagging Kuzenbot Kuzenbo or Stiched Creation Agni when these skins go live. Rolling will cost you 320 gems and there will be three other skins in the chapter when Kuzenbot and Stitched Creation go live. The other skins you might get include Chilling Hersir Ares, Headless Horror Chiron, and Lady of the Sea Discordia.

If you want to roll and have no gems, you’ll need to spend at least $7.99 to cover the cost. If you unlock all of the skins in chapter two, you’ll earn a bonus Tormented Soul Medusa skin.

You can head over to the Talons of Tyranny page in the Smite client to check out Stitched Creation Agni and Kuzenbot Kuzenbo starting tomorrow, May 4.