2 creators build Flappy Bird in Minecraft

It's a throwback to simpler times.

Image via Mojang

Have you ever wished that you could play one game within another game? Look no further than this awesome MinecraftFlappy Bird mash-up.

Reddit user Cyclopso and their friend MedicMain2000 made a fully-playable Flappy Bird within Minecraft, complete with the ubiquitous side-scrolling level, a chicken as the bird, and a score tracker. The level’s obstacles are made out of armor stands, which the player must dodge by pressing “sneak” to move the bird. Crashing into an obstacle brings up a game over screen that shows the player’s score. Cyclopso and MedicMain2000 even recreated Flappy Bird’s background within the frame: a blue sky with white clouds and green grass.

While many were impressed with the creation, others were even more impressed with the incredibly detailed pixel art of several characters that stands behind the Flappy Bird “screen.” A few commenters believed that the creation of such detailed art was better than remaking Flappy Bird, while others recognized and commended the characters in question.

This isn’t the first time someone has created a game within a game in Minecraft. The game’s incredibly versatile block and logic system allows players to create a variety of interactive experiences for others. The blocky voxel style lends itself especially well to the recreation of pixel art, as seen in the background of Cyclopso and MedicMain2000’s creation. It’s a testament to the enduring nature of Minecraft that players are still finding new things to create within its bounds.