How to perfect reload in Gears of War 5

Take aim.

Image via Microsoft

Perfect reloads have been a part of the Gears of War series since the first title was released.

By using the perfect reload mechanic, players can reload their gun faster and gain more powerful bullets for a short period of time. But how does it work?

Screengrab via Microsoft

In the top right of your screen, you’ll notice a bar that appears beneath your weapon’s icon when you reload. A small white line will travel across this bar from left to right for a short period of time.

To complete a perfect reload, you need to press the reload button as soon as this line goes into the bright white section of the bar. If you land it in the dead center of that area, you’ll reload your weapon faster and power up the bullets in your next clip.

Perfecting this reload style is essential for gaining the upper hand in multiplayer battles. Each weapon has its own speed and bar for perfect reloads that you’ll need to learn to master this mechanic.