Gears Esports MLG North American Event Preview

MLG will be hosting the Gears Esports North American Open tournament with a grand prize of $50,000.

Major League Gaming, incollaboration with The Coalition and Gears of War, are putting on a $50,000 openevent. Thirty-two teams will battle it out for the largest bite ofthe prize pool and that number one spot.

After the success of the firsttwo seasons of the ESL Pro League, the teams will be using theGears Esports rule set that has been implemented into thegame.

Gears of War is new to us atGAMURS and possibly some of you reading this article, so here is aquick breakdown of how the game works. Two teams of four face offon a game mode called “Execution.” Each team member hasone life per round and the last team standing at the end of theround will win. The two teams switch sides each round and the firstteam to win four rounds will take the map.

The tournament will have a sixmap cycle, including the following battlegrounds: Mansion,Clocktower, Warmachine, Gridlock, Canals and Fuel Depot. Thetournament will have a double-elimination bracket. Matches will bea best-of-three, with the semifinals, winners bracket finals,losers bracket finals, and grand finals being a best-of-fiveseries. 

There are some great teamsattending this event, most notably, the ESL champions Team EnVyUs, who look to continue their win streak.NMEDreamTeamEnigma 6, Team eLevate, Team Kaliber and more are fielding teams at this event andare all contenders for that number one spot.

The event will take place at theMLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio this weekend from July 30-31 and youcan find your event recap right here on our website following theconclusion of this event.

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