All unlockable characters and abilities in Gears 5 Horde

Gears 5 Horde has included ultimate and passive abilities.

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There are nine characters available to Gears 5 players in the Horde game mode that grants new abilities and custom designs. 

Gears 5 Horde brings together characters from the story campaign and features inclusions from Microsoft’s other hit franchise Halo. It also includes Sarah Connor, a character from the upcoming Terminator: Dark Fate movie. 

In Gears 5, players can choose characters from five different roles, including Scout, Offense, Engineer, Tank, and Support. All characters have new ultimate and passive abilities. 

Scout characters


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Kait is the only Scout player in Horde but she’s an agile and quick character who can sprint around the map with ease. 

Her ultimate ability is Camouflage, which allows her to go undetected by enemies when active. She’ll go almost invisible but will have a faint pixelated blue hue around her body. 

Her passive ability boosts her power by 25 percent from nearby kills. 

Offense characters


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EMILE-A239 is a character from Halo: Reach who’s been introduced to the game. He’s a hardcore soldier and one of the most well-rounded characters. 

His ultimate ability is the Drop Shield. This activates a blue shield that’s identical to the item from the Halo franchise and it prevents projectiles from damaging players inside. But he can’t shoot players from inside the shield. 

His passive ability allows him to pick up a pilfer from every sixth headshot.


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JD is the second offensive character in Gears 5 Horde and has a directly offensive ultimate ability, unlike EMILE-A239. 

His ultimate ability grants him five artillery rounds on an enemy that’s in his line of sight. He needs to mark the enemy by hovering over them and then triggering the ability. 

Similar to EMILE-A239, his passive ability allows him to receive a pilfer pickup from every sixth headshot kill. 


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Fahz is one of the most overpowered characters in the game. He’s extremely agile and has one of the deadliest ultimate abilities. 

His ultimate ability allows him to see through walls when activated. He can also shoot through the walls no matter where he is on the map. 

His passive ability allows him to receive a pilfer pickup from every sixth critical kill.

Engineer characters


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KAT-B320 is the second character from the Halo: Reach franchise and has one of the most useful passive abilities in the game.

Her passive ability lets her build new forts and carry fortifications faster, giving her extra protection when navigating the map.

Her ultimate ability is relatively weak, however. It only lasts for a couple of seconds and allows her to deploy a hologram that enemies will automatically attack. 


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DEL is effective because his ultimate and passive abilities provide a mix of offense and defense when used together. 

His ultimate ability is Reinforce. This spawns multiple DeeBee drones that seek and eliminate nearby enemies. 

DEL’s passive ability is similar to KAT-B320’s. He can build new forts and carry fortifications faster.

Tank characters


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Marcus is a broad character who’s made for combat. He’s considered a one man army and can easily tank damage. 

His ultimate ability is Living Legend. This allows him to automatically hit headshots on enemies no matter where the player is aiming.

Marcus’ passive ability allows him to slowly recharge his ultimate ability when he takes damage.

Sarah Connor

Image via Microsoft

Sarah Connor is a female character from the Terminator: Dark Fate movie, which releases on Oct. 25. 

Her ultimate ability is Heavy Hitter. This relatively-weak ability allows her to knockback and stun enemies that hit her with ballistic weapons. 

Her passive ability is relatively useful, it allows Connor to recharge her ultimate when she takes damage.

Support characters


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Jack is a small robot that’s one of the most unique and useful characters in Horde. He’s cloaked when moving, allowing him to hide in plain sight. 

His ultimate ability allows players to finally play as enemies. His Hijack ability allows the player to take control of a mindless enemy and cause destruction. 

His passive ability reduces the cooldown on his ultimate when enemies die with his mark. 

The most useful character in Gears 5 Horde could be Fahz because he has one of the best ultimate abilities in the game and is extremely deadly. He can deal a lot of damage and has a fairly useful passive ability.