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Who is The Foundation? The Rock’s Fortnite character explained

Is that the guy from Fortnite? Yes, and it's time to whoop some candy ass.

Screengrab via Epic Games

During the concluding cinematic of Fortnite Chapter 2, fans finally got confirmation of what they had been expecting (and secretly hoping for) when it comes to the mysterious character, The Foundation.

The Foundation’s mask came off to reveal the likeness of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, adding a new level of awesomeness to one of the most powerful characters in Fortnite lore. But what exactly is going on in the final cinematic of Chapter Two, known as The End? And what is The Foundation’s role in it?

What happens in The End of Fortnite Chapter Two?

After the brief in-game event where players fight off waves of attacking monsters and abductors sent by the Cube Queen, the cutscene shows Agent Jones held hostage by the Imagined Order, the controlling faction he used to work for. Doctor Slone, one of IO’s leaders, goes to execute him before he is saved by The Foundation, who then reveals himself to be The Rock.

The two escape before altering the geographic orientation of the island itself. They then meet up with members of The Seven and some actual Fortnite players (known as loopers in the story) in the center of the island, before one of the Cube Queen’s massive Caretakers smashes the structure they’re all in under the ocean. The player reaches the surface of the ocean just in time to see the Cube Queen drowned by the island at a 90-degree angle and overturning, before a huge tidal wave wipes out everything, leading to actual in-game extended downtime prior to the start of Chapter Three.

Who is The Foundation and who are the Seven?

The Foundation is the leader of the Seven, a group of beings focused on stopping the Imagined Order from controlling the Zero Point, which is the center of all reality in the Fortnite omniverse. The Foundation is effectively a powerful super-soldier who was powerful enough to withstand the blast created by The Spire, which he created to protect the Zero Point.

In the cinematic for The End of Chapter Two, two other members of the Seven—The Scientist and The Paradigm—lead the loopers to the base in the center of the island. The Visitor was the first member of the Seven to appear. There are assumed to be three other members apart from these four, thus the name “The Seven.”