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Where to knock down timber pine trees in Fortnite

Time to cut some pine trees.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Fortnite’s Winterfest is now over, and players are back to grinding the game with seasonal quests. One of the week five challenges for this season requires players to harvest five timber pine trees on the map.

The pine trees in Fortnite’s Chapter Three are a new addition that works differently from regular trees in the game. They appear like standard trees, but their trunk is a lighter brown. Moreover, they are found primarily in snowy regions of the map. Trees usually disappear in thin air after harvesting, but the timber pine trees remain as their timber falls on the ground or floats on water. When the trees roll over other trees, it uproots them.

Players have come up with different strategies to use these unique trees in matches, such as destroying the trees intentionally since the timber eliminates any nearby enemies they fall on. Some players also use the trees to travel on the water.

When completing the weekly challenge, players might have to compete with other players in the same biome to harvest these trees. But there’s one place in particular with a vast number of timber pine trees, and players can easily use it to complete this quest.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Just north east of Camp Cuddle, many timber pine trees can be used to complete this challenge in seconds. After completing the quest, players will be rewarded 25,000 XP to advance their battle pass.