Fortnite players are using the game's new trees for fast water travel and to take out players - Dot Esports

Fortnite players are using the game’s new trees for fast water travel and to take out players

You'll need to watch out for falling trees now.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Fortnite‘s Chapter Three introduced a new style of trees—and players are already finding ways to turn them into emergency rafts and weapons.

The new trees don’t behave as others have previously in the game. These trees will break away at the base, allowing players to continue harvesting them for resources on the ground. While it may not have been intended, one way that players are using this new addition is to traverse water at record speeds.

By standing atop a tree that has fallen into the water and harvesting it, the tree will move in a forward motion at rapid speeds. In a clip shared on Reddit, it was shown just how fast a player could cross a lake using this method.

Players have also been able to record kills by cutting the trees down. In another clip, one player takes down a hiding foe by sending the tree crashing down on top of them.

Players looking to recreate either of these impressive plays should note that trees will only fall in this fashion if they are taken down within snowy areas. They will always fall in the opposite direction to the way that they are shot or hit with other damaging attacks.

The season has only just kicked off, so there is likely going to be plenty of unique ways to use these new trees shared in the coming weeks.