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Where to find Witch Shacks in Fortnite: Fortnitemares 2020

Get your witch brooms here.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s Fortnitemares event is back and there are a handful of new or renamed places for players to drop.

Along with numerous other locations being augmented, there are a handful of “Witch Shacks” that players have started to find across the map. 

Though there don’t appear to be any witch-like NPCs in these locations, there are already challenges that have been discovered requiring witch brooms that can be found around these shacks.

One day into the event, there are about five shacks that people know the location of. So if you’re looking to grab a broom or just hang out at a Witch Shack, the area might not be as contested as you’d expect. 

Here are the spots where Witch Shacks can be found.

  • In the most northwest section of the map, there’s a shack that sits to the north of Doom’s Domain. Sitting in one of the corners of the map, this might be one of the spots you’ll want to hit up if you don’t like fighting people early in the game.
  • Slightly closer to the center of the map, a second shack is relatively close to the first one listed. Just northwest of Salty Springs and southeast of Sweaty Sands, there’s another shack. Sitting south of Doom’s Domain, this shack probably gets a lot of visitors.
  • Another shack that won’t likely get a lot of attention is in Slurpy Swamp. The actual location of this shack is more flavorful than most, being completely surrounded by swampland. This shack is just a little bit south of the Slurpy Swamp city area.
  • Perhaps the most central shack location is the one that’s just a little north of Lazy Lake. Sitting to the southeast of The Ruins, which is normally known as The Authority, this shack might not have people dropping on it at the start of matches. But it’ll certainly get a higher-than-average amount of foot traffic over the course of the next couple of weeks.
  • The last known location for Witch Shacks is in the southeast corner of the map. The shack itself is right at the edge of a mountain that faces the sea to the southeast of the snowy mountains south of Retail Row. 

Fortnitemares only runs until Nov. 3, so these shacks will disappear in just a couple of weeks. It’s best to make sure you take advantage of them while you can.