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Where to find Klomberries in Fortnite

Feed them the berries before they feed on you.

Image via Epic Games

If you’re looking to train your Klombo—the massive dinosaur-like creatures roaming the island in Fortnite Chapter Three, season one—then it’s essential to get your hands on some Klomberries.

Klomberries are a new consumable food item that dropped after the v.19.10 update to Fortnite, and they are the favorite treat of the local Klombos. Thrown Klomberries will lead a Klombo in their direction, and they will likely spit out an item after eating one of them. Klomberries can also calm down an enraged Klombo.

Players can also eat Klomberries themselves, getting a small health boost. But where can you find them?

Where to find Klomberries in Fortnite

Klomberries can be picked from various small bushes located all around the island. The bush itself is thin, but the bright blue berries on them are quite noticeable. Each bush has about three to four Klomberries on it.

You can also purchase Klomberries directly from Haven, an NPC located next to a desert oasis in the southwestern corner of the map. Haven will sell you up to four Klomberries at 25 gold bars each, and there’s typically a Klombo in the oasis next to her.

Gifting a Klombo a Klomberry causes the creature to lower its tail, allowing you to jump on top of it and use its blowhole to shoot you into the air before gliding.