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Where to find all of Fortnite’s bosses in Chapter 2, season 5

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Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s Chapter Two, season five is underway and you know what that means: new bosses.

The season is young, but we already know the whereabouts of a couple of bosses that can be found on the Fortnite map, including the Mandalorian from Star Wars’ spin-off series of the same name. 

Here’s where you can find the bosses in Fortnite Chapter Two, season five.

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian can be found near the edge of the desert area south of Colossal Coliseum and north of Lazy Lake. The boss will be near a flying ship—his flying ship that’s stranded in the sand. Defeating him rewards you with the Mandalorian’s Jetpack and the Amban Sniper Rifle. Both items are Mythic quality.


One of the first week’s challenges for the season has players searching for Ruckus. He can be found near Hydro 16. To get there, you’ll want to head east of Slurpy Swamp near the dam. This is in the southwest portion of the map.

This article will be updated as more bosses are discovered.