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Where do you find all Exotic & Mythic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2?

Track them down, one by one.

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There’s never a shortage of loot on the Fortnite map, and players are likely to complete their loadout with weapons from various rarities. Though you can even find Legendary weapons from loot chests, you’ll need to perform specific tasks to get your hand on Exotic and Mythic weapons.

On average, these weapons tend to be stronger than the more commonly available weapons in the game. Like other guns in Fortnite’s arsenal, these weapons also rotate in and out of the vault, meaning players will find different ones on the map in each Fortnite season.

With Chapter three, season two, rolling out in Fortnite, the available Mythic and Exotic weapons in the game changed once again, and here’s the list of which Exotic and Mythic weapons are available in the game.

WeaponRarityWhere to find it / How to get it
Slone’s Striker Burst RifleMythicThis item can be obtained after defeating Doctor Slone who can be found in the Fortress.
Huntmaster Saber’s Thermal RifleMythicThis Rifle drops from Huntmaster Saber, located in Command Cavern, and players can pick it up after beating them.
Gunnar’s Stinger SMGMythicThis rapid firing SMG drops from Gunnar in Command Cavern.
Mythic GoldfishMythicMythic Goldfish can only be found by fishing with a pole.
Hop Rock DualiesExoticHop Rock Dualies can be purchased from The Scientist, located in the Synapse Station.
Marksman Six ShooterExoticThis weapon can be purchased from Mancake or Cuddle Team Leader
Night HawkExoticPlayers can purchase this weapon from The Origin at Sanctuary.
Shadow TrackerExoticShadow Tracker can be obtained from Metal Team Leader and Cuddlepool at Camp Cuddle
The DubExoticThe Dub can be purchased from a Joneses NPC except Brainiac
Boom Sniper RifleExoticThis weapon can be acquired from Peely, The Visitor, or Agent Jones.
Storm ScoutExoticStorm Scout can be purchased from The Imagined, The Foundation, or The Scientist.

If you don’t know where any of these NPCs are located in Fortnite Chapter three, season two, you can check out their current whereabouts here.

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