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What could the Fortnite world premiere and announcement at The Game Awards be?

It'll take place when season six is set to end.

Image via Epic Games

Epic Games will make a special announcement about Fortnite at The Game Awards this Thursday, event producer Geoff Keighley said on Twitter. The teaser image mentions a “world premiere” set to happen live at The Game Awards at 8 pm CT. Players should “keep their game close,” according to Keighley.

The tweet is vague, but we can guess a few things based on it and the time the world premiere will happen.

If players should “keep their game close” while watching the Fortnite world premiere, there’s a chance a unique event will happen live in-game at the same time, just like the cube explosion earlier in season six. Players who were in a match when the cube exploded got the chance to be part of a one-time Fortnite event that triggered a mysterious cinematic and transformed the floating island on Loot Lake into a new are called Leaky Lake.

This kind of event generally marks the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. And the Thursday of The Game Awards, Dec. 6, is when Fortnite: Battle Royale season six is set to end to be followed a few hours after by season seven.

We could be seeing a season finale in-game event live at The Game Awards, and players at home would probably be able to see it in their games as well or interact with what’s happening live somehow.

This is what we’re dreaming of. It may also be something straightforward, like an exclusive trailer teasing new Fortnite stuff that players will have access to in-game shortly after. But that’s not what we want to believe will happen.

Players will only discover if we’ll have a new unique event happening live at The Game Awards stage on Thursday at 8 pm CT. Fans can watch the event live at its website.