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What the Fortnite cube explosion could mean

Rest in peace, Kevin the Cube.

Screengrab via Epic Games

The mysterious purple cube cracked and exploded today, and a new chapter in the Fortnite: Battle Royale lore has been unlocked.

The cube, which was nicknamed Kevin, dropped a glowing purple stone into the swirling vortex at the bottom of Leaky Lake. Then the cube exploded and unleashed a white flash that transported players to another dimension, where an odd-looking butterfly approached everyone. This cued the end of the Fortnitemares special event.

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Once players touched the butterfly, they were transported back to the battle royale map above Fatal Fields. The butterfly could actually be a portal between dimensions, even more so because it looks like a rift in itself.

The Fatal Fields aspect of the event, however, is a little confusing. It could be related to The Visitor rocket launch event from season five, when a piece of the rocket’s engine landed in Anarchy Acres, which is now Lazy Links. At the time, Anarchy Acres and Fatal Fields had the same layout, but now it seems that Fatal Fields could be the next point of interest to either undergo massive changes or to be taken out altogether.

At Leaky Lake, a rainbow and a swampy terrain appeared where the island and lake used to be. The new area looked a little like Moisty Mire, which was later replaced by Paradise Palms, and the rainbow spanned across the lake. In some religious contexts, rainbows symbolize new life and hope, so this could mean a new swamp, similar to Moisty Mire, might be on its way in an upcoming update.

Although none of this is confirmed, one thing is becoming certain—the Fortnite map could be about to change drastically.