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Vitality signs top European Fortnite talent, Stompy

Vitality has another star on its Fortnite roster.

Screengrab via Team Vitality

French organization Vitality added one of the best European Fortnite players, Stompy, to its team earlier today. 

Stompy is well known for his first-place finish in the Fortnite Champion Series: Season X – Grand Finals: Europe last year. He’s cemented himself as one of the best online players in Europe and will likely continue to perform at the highest level of competitive Fortnite

He burst onto the Fortnite scene last year when he won his first tournament, which happened to be a qualifier for the biggest event of the year, the Fortnite World Cup Online Open: Week One – Europe. But he didn’t just win the first week. He went on to win the fourth and sixth week of competition, too, securing his place in the World Cup. 

Stompy placed a solid top-25 at the Fortnite World Cup Duo competition, which was won by Aqua, his future teammate. He also finished 14th in the Solo competition, earning $200,000 in total. 

The pair of Stompy and Aqua finished fourth in the Fortnite Champion Series: Chapter Two, season two – Grand Finals: Europe last month. 

Vitality’s Fortnite roster now consists of Stompy, former LDLC player Nikof, and back-to-back Pro-Am Champion Airwaks. These three will likely be looking toward the FNCS Solo Invitational, which is set to begin its first week of competition in Europe from May 9 to 10.