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Twitter hashtag #RipFortnite trends as players protest the game

Trouble in paradise.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite has been receiving a lot of flak lately mostly due to the huge influx of players resulting from the coronavirus outbreak. Players from all platforms, who dislike the current state of Fortnite’s meta and instability issues, are up in arms and have been sharing their opinions with #RipFortnite. 

Though a majority of the tweets are from people wondering what is actually going on, the general complaint seems to be about the game getting too competitive. Since the implementation of the skill-based matchmaking, both pros and casual players have been complaining about matches getting more sweaty and less fun.

Aside from tougher games, the latest server issues that have brought lag and general instabilities also seem to be the other source of concerns. 

While Fortnite players on the social media platform continued to share their opinions and the “simpler times” they had enjoyed in the game over the last few years, pro player Myth also chipped into the discussion on his stream.

Myth stated that—though similar concerns have pushed him to play other games—he believes most of Fortnite‘s online critics simply want the game to die and that this sentiment was just part of internet culture. 

This isn’t the first time that Fortnite trended because of negativity and it certainly won’t be the last. Regardless, whether you have any problems with the game’s current state or not, you should know that the devs are working to fix any issues as fast as they can.