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The Leaky Lake portal will go through six stages in Fortnite

The portal could signal the entrance or exit of something big in Fortnite.

Image via Fortnite BR

Fortnite: Battle Royale fans need to wait a little bit longer until something big happens in Season Six.

Yesterday the floating island returned to Leaky Lake at 3pm CT, and a purple portal and beam appeared above the house once it centered around the crater. Now, recently found game files show that the portal will progress through six stages.

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The text in the game files shows, “BP_Growth_HouseGlow.uasset: PortalStage1,” and it goes all the way up to six. Each stage could potentially be meant for each rune, since one rune is currently missing and there’s six runes left in their respective spots around the map.

It’s very likely that each stage will happen at the same time every day at 3pm CT, and that the final stage will be achieved on Sunday, Oct. 28. Then hopefully Fortnite fans can learn more out the lore behind the mysterious cube and floating island.