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The eye in Fortnite’s Polar Peak might be part of season nine’s ending event

Bunker Jonesy might have the answer.

Screengrab via Epic Games

The mysterious eye in Fortnite’s Polar Peak iceberg was hidden behind the Fortbytes panel of season nine.

The image that’s behind this panel shows an eye on the bottom left corner. The drawing shows a red eyeball with a black pupil, which is a bit different from how the eye actually is in Polar Peak today. Even so, this seems to be a clear reference to whatever creature is in there showing its eye.

This tells us that the Polar Peak eye might be tied with the season nine ending event.

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What makes us think so is that the purple cube that was part of Fortnite’s seasons five and six is also on that same image at the top. It seems that the character in the image, apparently Bunker Jonesy, is drawing some of Fortnite’s lore elements on the wall while trying to tie it all together. Having the cube in the same image as the eye might be a hint that the latter will be as important for the game’s lore as the former. Being part of a season-ending event is a great way of becoming important.

Screengrab via Epic Games

We’re approaching week four of season nine, and we know it’ll last 12 weeks instead of the usual 10. Developments regarding the eye and the creature behind it should come bit by bit every week unless it’s just a prelude to the main event of the season. Fortnite data miners will probably start investigating the game files looking for hints about what the eye is doing in the game.

All we can guess now is that the eye is a major element of season nine. It might be one of the dragons that hatched from the eggs that were under the Ice Castle, or it might be anything else. Players must be patient and wait for new developments as Epic Games releases new updates to the game.