The canceled Annual Pass has been re-added for some users in Fortnite - Dot Esports

The canceled Annual Pass has been re-added for some users in Fortnite

Previously, Epic had "no plans" to impliment the Annual Pass.

Image via Epic Games

The Fortnite Annual Pass, which was an early-prototype feature that was canceled by Epic Games, is available for some users in France, according to French data miner Yanteh

The Annual Pass was meant to be a replacement for the Battle Pass, which is a season-long progression system that players can purchase using in-game currency, V-Bucks, to progress through tiers and be rewarded with loot. The previously-scrapped Annual Pass was a year-long Battle Pass with extra features, rather than a season-long tier system, according to Eurogamer

A Epic spokesperson told Eurogamer that it had “no plans” to launch the Annual Pass last week. These plans look like they’ll be changing, however. 

Some French players have seen the Annual Pass implemented in Fortnite. But it mysteriously disappeared soon after. 

Based on the screengrab posted by Yanteh, the Annual Pass costs a hefty 7,800 V-Bucks to purchase and features several skins, pickaxes, and tiers. Players will likely have more levels to obtain since it’ll be active for an entire year. 

Seemingly, players can inspect the pass before purchasing it, allowing users to view which items they’ll be receiving, similar to the Battle-Pass. 

The Annual Pass is set to arrive in 2020, if Epic doesn’t scrap the feature before its implementation once more. This pass would be active until 2021, which would potentially feature a new Annual Pass. 

But this doesn’t mean that the Annual Pass is confirmed. The French data miner could have accidentally stumbled across the pass before it was pulled from Fortnite by Epic.