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The 6 best Fortnite Dropper codes

It's like bungee jumping without a rope.

Fortnite can get competitive, especially in higher-ranked matches. Improving in Fortnite will be fun, but you may find yourself burnt out due to playing high-stakes games.

Most players revert to casual game modes like Team Rumble or try out custom maps to take a break from regular Fortnite matches. This helps players cool down and come back stronger whenever they return to playing regular matches. Some custom games will also improve players’ aim and other essential skills, while others will just be fun game modes.

Dropper maps aren’t a new concept. The game mode existed in other games that support mods, like Minecraft. Dropper maps resemble parkour modes with a slight twist: you’ll be free-falling in Dropper maps, and you’ll also need to watch where you’re falling.

When a Dropper map kicks off, players are likely to find themselves on a platform to get ready to jump. While you’re falling, you’ll need to make sure to go through certain openings and use bounce pads to rotate your character to complete a map.

Here are some of the best Dropper maps in Fortnite.

Low Gravity Dropper 5.0 by IAREMICAH: 1941-1312-0540

Low Gravity Dropper – Image via IAREMICAH

Low Gravity Dropper is one of the few Dropper maps that bring updates. Considering all beginner Dropper maps look similar, the real challenge will be finding the maps that can challenge your skills.

It’ll be hard to get bored of Low Gravity Dropper 5.0 since it shines in variety and comes with multiple different Dropper parkours for players to try.

Theme Dropper by FXXD1: 0425-4198-3533

Theme Dropper – Image via FXXD1

There will be parts in Dropper maps where you’ll just fall for a long time, enough to cause you to lose focus and get you eliminated due to a simple mistake. Keeping your game face on will be essential for completing maps, but you can always take Dropper maps slowly and just have fun with them.

Theme Dropper features some of the best-looking Dropper maps in the game, allowing players to enjoy their surroundings as they participate in the game mode.

Infinite Dropper by PIMIT: 2732-2583-9096

Infinite Dropper – Image via PIMIT

Depending on how much you like Dropper maps, you may realize that some of them end quicker than expected.

If you’re looking for that one map that would cater to all of your Dropper needs, Infinite Dropper may be the map for you. Once you try out Infinite Dropper, you may start changing maps less frequently since it just won’t end. Infinite Dropper features an almost bottomless map, and you’ll continue to fall until you get eliminated.

Extreme Dropper by Tazz_Lunatique: 3949-8901-9626

Extreme Dropper – Image via Tazz_Lunatique

Most dropper maps do a decent job of providing enough obstacles. There’s a fine line between having too many elements that eliminate a player and having just the right amount of them. 

Extreme Dropper lives up to its name in this case, featuring some of the most challenging obstacle Dropper parkour in the game. You’ll have less time to think in Extreme Dropper since you’ll be too busy trying to dodge the next obstacle coming your way.

Default Dropper by ICIFYED: 6585-0575-5408

Default Dropper – Image via ICIFYED

The Default Dropper features a lava theme with decent visuals. This map’s looks are what separates it from the others. The lava-centric surroundings of the map make it a blast to play, but the map can be tiring for players’ eyes if they play with high brightness settings.

The bright yellow tones can be a bit too much to handle for some players. If you’d still like to continue playing the map, you can lower your brightness settings or adjust your monitor.

Impossible Dropper by CONS-A-DUDE: 1671-6182-8491

Impossible Dropper – Image via CONS-A-DUDE

Players who love Dropper maps with many obstacles should have a fair share of fun in Impossible Dropper. This Dropper map features more obstacles than it should probably have, making it one of the most challenging maps on our list. 

If you happen to like any of the maps above, it may also be a decent idea to follow their creators on social media since they can always update the maps and release improved versions. By following them, you can be one of the first players to try out a new creative map and even provide feedback in the process.