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The 10 best Fortnite skins released in 2020

These are some of the best skins to come out in 2020.

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This year has seen Fortnite dive deeper into the game’s second chapter with epic stories throughout recent seasons.

Starting in February, Fortnite Chapter Two, season two brought with it a conspiracy to the game’s law surrounding secret agencies E.G.O. and A.L.T.E.R. The season had an emphasis on spies in all aspects of the game, ranging from the new map structures to the released skins.

The Device event completely changed the map to make way for season three. In this season, the map was flooded by water with locations slowly rising to the surface as the season progressed.

The latest season of Fortnite treated fans with one of the most anticipated-to-date festivities featuring the Marvel comic book franchise. In this season, heroes assembled to defend the world from the incoming intergalactic threat. During this season there were many of fans’ favorite comic book characters released as skins in the game.

While there are many great options, we have narrowed down the 10 best skins of 2020.

The top 10 Fortnite skins of 2020

Agent Peely

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Purchasing the season two battle pass provided you with one of the year’s best and most comical skins.

Agent Peely is just like the previously released Peely skin. But as the name suggests, this variant sees him don a suit with a pistol holstered on his leg. The banana agent looks great and stands out in-game due to its odd shape and bright color. If you aren’t a fan of his choice of suit, you can change the variant to wear multiple outfits. Because it was acquirable at tier one of the battle pass, Agent Peely had to make our list of best skins in 2020.


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Season two also gave fans their first taste of Marvel collaborations for the year with Deadpool as part of the battle pass.

The loud-mouthed mercenary has a distinct red and black suit with two swords strapped to his back. The crafting of this skin is exceptional and truly captures the character’s appearance from the comics. Acquiring Deadpool involved entirely different weekly challenges, leaving some players unable to earn his skin. But for those who were able, this is one of the best skins available today.


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Players were able to acquire the skin for season two’s antagonist Midas by completing all 100 tiers of the battle pass. This skin has multiple variants all granting the character his solid gold appearance while changing the clothing to either all white or all black. Given the significance of the character, it seemed only fair he makes it our top 10 list.


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Moving on to Fortnite Chapter Two, season three. Players for the first time were able to get a DC Comics hero skin without being required to purchase it from the shop.

To suit the aquatic theme of the season, Aquaman was added to the game. To acquire this skin players had to complete a variety of weekly challenges. Styled after the Jason Momoa Aquaman from the 2018 movie, this skin had two variations: one with regular clothes on, and the other with his Atlantean armor plating. For fans of the movie, this skin depicts the hero accurately and makes a fine addition to the 2020 skin roster.

Eternal Knight

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No storyline significance is required for this skin. Eternal Knight was available at tier 100 of the season three battle pass. The legendary skin is a knight equipped with some impressive armor plating and two swords. The variant of this skin recolors it in gold, black, or black with white trim. Due to its stunning appearance and variety of colors, Eternal Knight is one of the best skins released in 2020.


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One of the most fun skins currently in the game, Kit is a cat that controls a mech to navigate the map and engage with enemies. As light-hearted as the skin appears, it came equipped with impressive unique animations as well as a set that is sure to stand out among players.

Those who worked their way to tier 60 of the battle pass were rewarded with the skin. While it may have had some bugs upon rollout, those have since been fixed, and this skin remains one of the best in the game.


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Part of Fortnite’s Icon Series, popular Twitch streamer Loserfruit had her own personalized skin added to the game available for players to purchase. The skin is extremely vibrant and colorful with standout back bling that will suit and enhance a variety of skins.


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As season three kicked in, many of Marvel’s most famous comic book characters were added to the game to be earned throughout the battle pass. One of the most impressive and popular was the Wolverine skin.

This mutant came equipped with a variety of looks styling his appearance to suit both the movies and comics. Along with his skin, Wolverine’s claws were also added to the game as a drop that could be found by defeating the character in combat or randomly around the map. This item would see the player don the ability and allow them to decimate enemies from close range. Wolverine is one of the best skins to come from the Marvel-themed season.


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Who doesn’t want to play as Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot? The crafting of this skin is impressive with the texture popping on each piece of bark Groot is made of. Given his size and stark appearance, this skin is sure to stand out in-game while at times allowing you to blend in with the surrounding forest. Available inside the season four battle pass, this is a skin you might not use all the time, but that doesn’t take away from the spectacle.

Doctor Doom

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Doctor Doom’s appearance remains faithful to his look in both the Marvel comics and Fantastic Four movies. Doctor Doom was the first Marvel character to be added into the game as an enemy who will drop their signature weapon upon being eliminated. The skin itself is visually impressive and one of the best to come out in 2020.