Tfue’s squad wipes Ninja’s team to finish second in Fortnite Championship Series week 3 - Dot Esports

Tfue’s squad wipes Ninja’s team to finish second in Fortnite Championship Series week 3

Tfue and cloakzy are back.

Screengrab via FaZe Clan

Two of the most notable players in Fortnite, Turner “Tfue” Tenney and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, went head-to-head in the latest week of the Fortnite Championship Series (FNCS) Chapter Two, season one

Toward the end of the game, both Tfue and Ninja had a close battle that decided the future of the match. Ninja’s team was struggling in a box, while Tfue’s squad was roaming for kills across the zone. With the squad victory for Tfue, he and his teammates finished second, while Ninja and his team finished 12th. 

Tfue and his team attacked Ninja’s squad while they were healing in a box after exiting the zone. “We can honestly push up in our tarping and lay these kids out,” Tfue said before he and his teammates pushed toward Ninja’s base. Tfue knocked one player and his teammates took care of the rest. 

This squad wipe set up Tfue’s team for success. The former FaZe player finished with 71 points alongside teammates “Khanda,” long-standing teammate Dennis “cloakzy” Lepore, and Team Liquid player Alex “Fiber” Bonetello. 

But Ninja’s squad wasn’t as successful. The Mixer superstar finished with 34 points alongside FaZe players Nate Hill, Trevor “Funk” Siegler, and TSM player Malachi “Reverse2k” Greiner. 

Tfue temporarily split from his teammate cloakzy in September because cloakzy took a sponsorship opportunity to play Madden NFL 20 rather than practicing Fortnite, according to Tfue. But this altercation has seemingly been resolved since these two are back in full form.

The FNCS continues on Nov. 23 for the fourth week of the competition. This will conclude on Nov. 24, with the FNCS Season Finals taking place from Dec. 6 to 8.