Tfue, Zemie come out on top at Dr Disrespect’s $100,000 Fortnite Hot Shot Tournament

Fortnite Zero Build tournaments can be fun to watch.

Dr Disrespect’s first Fortnite Zero Build Tournament was full of ups and downs. Prominent content creators formed duos and participated in the two-time’s $100,000 Hot Shot Tournament. While there were several big names in the lineup, Tfue and Zemie took the big prize home last night, after beating Typical Gamer and Ranger in the finals.

The streamer-exclusive tournament featured popular content creators such as Ninja, CourageJD, and the event host Dr Disrespect. The winners received $40,000, while the runners-up took home $25,000. Two teams would face off each match, and the squad that got the most kills through its members combined advanced to the next stage.

The tournament had the Zero Build mode, the current theme for Fortnite Chapter Three, season two. As a result, participants used other items and took natural cover to win aim duels with their opponents. Some players used items like balloons to their advantage and got off-angles to catch players rotating the map.

Other popular content creators like Ninja, Dr Disrespect, and TimTheTatman got eliminated in the first winners’ bracket. Tfue and his teammate Zemie marched through the winners’ bracket and bested Typical Gamer and Ranger in the winners’ bracket finals. The two faced again in the grand finals and had the same result: Team Tfue taking down Team Typical Gamer.


Rijit Banerjee

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