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Teasers for Fortnite Chapter 2, season 2 appear around the globe

Only a few days remain before the season begins.

Image via Epic Games | Remix by ZenofyMedia

Fortnite fans are counting down the days before the battle royale’s second season of Chapter Two begins. Less than a week before the season kicks off, the first signs of the upcoming season have begun cropping up across the globe.

Fans from around the world began noticing Fortnite logos appearing on screens in their home cities today. Images from Japan and Brazil started to circulate on social media, showing off the white game title on a black screen.

For some, however, the logo would glitch out, and a golden handprint would appear on top with a golden phone number listed at the bottom of the screen. Calling the number would reportedly result in a brief series of messages, which translated come out to:

  • “Yes sir”
  • “The agents were called”
  • “Card to access the safe purchased”

Shortly after fans began sharing their experiences online, Epic Games updated the official Fortnite Twitter account’s profile banner today, which now features two black and white skins with a golden handprint plastered on top of the image. It’s unknown what the golden handprint could be referring to, but many fans have begun to assume the color will have some role to play in the upcoming season.

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The second season of Chapter Two is scheduled to begin on Feb. 20. Epic remained tight-lipped about the chapter, going as far as to block out information in its blog post announcing the season’s release date. Fans will likely have their questions answered in the days leading up to the season release.