Stoke a Campfire to regenerate health faster in Fortnite

Happy Camping.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Gathering around the Campfires in Fortnite have some useful benefits, but you might not want to stay long. 

One player discovered that agitating a lit Campfire will result in a larger flame and quicker regeneration. This could be useful if players have escaped from a fight and don’t want to use their healing items. 

Stoking the Campfire lasts for around five seconds before the buff is removed. But players can repeatedly agitate the fire at the cost of 30 Wood. Players could still find you easily, however, since you have to stay near the Campfire to receive the buffs. 

To Stroke a Campfire in Fortnite, you need to gather 30 Wood and head to a Campfire located around the map—there’s one in the North East corner of Frenzy Farm, in the middle of the Wheatfield. Then, hold your interaction button and it will agitate the Campfire, resulting in quicker regeneration. 

It’s unclear whether this was introduced in yesterday’s v11.20 update since this feature was not mentioned in the patch notes. But Epic Games does have a tendency to implement “silent features,” which are small additions that are not mentioned in the patch notes. 

These Environmental Campfires, introduced in the 7.30 Content Update, are different from the Cozy Campfires since they are bigger in size, cannot be found in chests, and located around the map. Moreover, Cozy Campfires cannot be stoked to gain more health, unfortunately. 

Since the cost is so low, use these buffs whenever you find a Campfire.