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Fortnite v11.20 update comes with patch notes

Patch notes have been unvaulted.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale players can finally view the changes made by Epic Games since patch notes have been released with today’s v11.20 update.

This update is important since this is the first time that Fortnite has received patch notes since the start of Chapter Two in October. Epic has made significant changes to the Tactical Shotgun, locker system, and Bandage Bazooka. 

Most importantly, daily challenges have been reintroduced and can be completed for additional XP. Like previous iterations, there are three challenges that players can complete per day before they’re randomized. 

The Bandage Bazooka, which was disabled on Nov. 9, has been re-enabled because a syncing issue has been resolved. Like usual, the Bandage Bazooka takes up two slots in a player’s inventory.

In terms of weaponry, the Tactical Shotgun’s headshot multiplier has been adjusted so that it’s similar to the Pump Shotgun. This could mean that the Tactical Shotgun has been nerfed because the Pump Shotgun had a lower headshot multiplier pre-patch. 

The search feature in the Fortnite locker, introduced in the v11.11 update a week ago, has been changed. Players can filter the items by the season they were introduced instead of searching for the name of the item manually.

Although the additional features aren’t majorly significant, the release of patch notes could suggest that Epic is planning on providing players with more information for all future updates. The full patch notes for today’s update can be viewed on the Fortnite website.