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Fortnite players can now search their locker after v11.11 update

It's now easier than ever to search through Fortnite lockers.

Image via Epic Games

The latest update for Fortnite, v11.11, dropped earlier today, adding a new feature that allows players to manually search their in-game lockers.

Fortnite fans can use the search bar to look for specific cosmetics in their lockers without having to scroll through them all.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Players will be able to search through their lockers by selecting from their inventory of purchased and collected cosmetics ranging from skins to pickaxes.

Epic’s addition of a search bar is certainly helpful to players who enjoy changing their character skins or other cosmetics. With hundreds of different cosmetics in Fortnite, this UI addition will save players time when they’re looking to equip one of their favorite items between matches.

Since Fortnite Chapter Two, season one launched, Epic hasn’t been posting any official patch notes, so fans have had to rely on data miners or community-curated notes. Many fans hope Epic will release patch notes again so they don’t have to guess and search to see what’s changed in each update.