Some European Fortnite players allegedly cheated to qualify for the World Cup, cheat provider says - Dot Esports

Some European Fortnite players allegedly cheated to qualify for the World Cup, cheat provider says

The provider will also report these players to Epic Games.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite cheat provider AspectDolphin, who accused Dubs fn yesterday of using cheats during the qualifiers for the Fortnite World Cup, will expose “major European players” who’ve also allegedly cheated and qualified last weekend, he told Dot Esports.

Aspect said these reports will come soon, and that he’s sending them because “people take advantage of World Cup earning money which causes them to profit off buying cheats.” He didn’t intend these players to use the cheats he provided to qualify for that tournament, he said, because he cares about the competitive integrity of Fortnite. “The cheats were not intended to harm the competitive scene,” Aspect said.

Aspect made waves in the Fortnite community yesterday when he alleged that a player in the World Cup qualifiers, Dubs fn, used cheats to gain an advantage and secure a spot in the Solo Finals. But the evidence against Dubs was hardly rock-solid. Aspect’s only evidence was screengrabs of direct Discord messages between a user called “RDubs” and an alleged cheat provider. Other accusers were convinced after watching clips of Dubs in the qualifiers that his aiming behavior wasn’t natural, though it also didn’t appear to follow the behavior of an aimbot.

Dubs fn, meanwhile, has forcefully denied that he used any cheats. For its part, Epic has made no announcement about the allegations or taken any action against Dubs.

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Aspect said he will follow the same reporting method he did with Dubs fn when it comes to other alleged cheaters: expose their names, show evidence, and formally report them to Epic Games. He said he recognizes flaws in the Dubs case, however. The cheat provider admitted that the screengrabs were sent to him were ultimately fakes. But they were “only a catalyst to the situation,” Aspect said. “The DMs have no integrity at this point.”

There is still additional evidence that still points to Dubs fn being guilty, Aspect said. An account made in a cheater’s forum in December 2018 nicknamed “ruedubs14” has the player’s old nickname on it, “ruedubs,” and the number 14 he always uses in Fortnite when playing with the soccer skin.

Even so, Aspect said this isn’t enough to prove cheating happened, and that’s why his approach with this future report of European players will be strict. He refused to name the players and said he will get as much as evidence on these cheaters before publishing their names on Twitter.

“Instead of allegations, we will provide more proof,” he said.