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Sneaky Snowmen in Fortnite cause game-breaking bug

It renders players' loadouts useless.

Image via Epic Games | Remix by Amanda Zelauskas

Fortnite players have discovered a major issue with the Sneaky Snowmen that causes players’ loadouts to cease all functions, making them unable to defend themself. 

One Reddit user was on the receiving end of this bug after they were trying to exit a battle with another player. The player was masking themselves as a Snowman but was caught out and shot at by an enemy. 

Once this player took damage, the gig was up and the Sneaky Snowman camouflage was broken. The player tried to fight back, but couldn’t. This was because their entire loadout had been rendered useless. He couldn’t bring out any weapon or healing item, not even their trusty Sith Lightsaber that was introduced in the Star Wars x Fortnite update earlier this month. 

The player was able to build and protect themself a little longer before they were eliminated, however. The player tried to reverse the bug by disguising themself in a Sneaky Snowman once more, but this didn’t work either. 

The Sneaky Snowmen, first introduced in the 7.20 content update, have been particularly useful as a winter-themed camouflage replacement for the Bush in Fortnite. It can be used to soak up damage from enemies, too, which means it’s effective for defensive purposes or trying to escape a fight. You can also throw snowballs, naturally. 

It’s unclear what causes this bug, but since it’s a game-breaking issue, it’ll likely be patched by Epic Games soon.