Puddles scattered across Fortnite map tease season 3 flooding theme - Dot Esports

Puddles scattered across Fortnite map tease season 3 flooding theme

We could be going underwater.

Image via Epic Games

The first water-themed teasers for Fortnite Chapter Two, season three have been noticed in-game after one player discovered puddles around the map last night. 

Many fans are trying to figure out why these puddles are popping up across the map. Some argue that the developer of Fortnite, Epic Games, could be using them to foreshadow the next season’s theme and map design. These puddles could suggest that the map will be covered in water, with an updated layout and new points of interest. 

The puddles look like small indents on the Fortnite shoreline. Some fans have suggested that they could have been a part of the map for some time but it took a while for fans to notice. Regardless, they seem like clear-cut hints. 

To fit with this proposed water theme next season, YouTuber Tabor Hill said on April 27 that Epic will introduce an Aquaman skin in the battle pass. This means that the DC Comics superhero could be set to join the Fortnite world, similar to the Marvel crossover earlier this season with everyone’s favorite mercenary, Deadpool. 

Fans may have already got their first look at a watery Fortnite world during the Travis Scott concert event that concluded on April 25. During one of the transitions, players were fully submerged underwater. Perhaps this could foreshadow the next season’s predominant water theme. 

But fans will have to wait to find out. Fortnite Chapter Two, season three is set to begin on June 4.