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Ninja reflects on the past year and rewatches his first Fortnite game

Needless to say, he's much better now.

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The story of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ growth over the past year is truly remarkable and inspirational. The popular streamer has gone from a former Halo pro to the face of Twitch and a Fortnite: Battle Royale star who’s known around the world.

But, obviously, he didn’t reach this level of fame overnight. Ninja recently took the time to reflect on his journey—and he even rewatched the first game of Fortnite that he played on stream.

The video is absolutely hilarious. Not only does it show how much Ninja has changed and improved over the past year, but it displays the massive alterations that have been made to Fortnite, too.

Ninja is almost stunned when looking back at the original Fortnite map, which only had 10 named points-of-interest. He’s almost speechless as he watches himself land at Greasy Grove and pick up a few kills.

Even Ninja can’t help but laugh at himself, though. “Look at my face,” Ninja said. “Do I still game like that?” He’s also in awe when watching himself try to pick up items from a chest. “Oh my god, I was so bad,” Ninja said.

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Ninja apologizes for his language throughout the video, since he “was not even close to being family-friendly right here.” And after noticing his four-person subscription train and lack of donations, it really sets in for Ninja just how far he’s come. “My stream was… by no means was it small, but it’s not even close to what it is today,” Ninja said. “It boggles my mind.”

Noticeably, there also was a lack of building in the gameplay since this video came out before the Fortnite build meta truly began. Ninja eventually was eliminated by “Rainslol” in 14th place—and we wonder if that player realizes exactly who they killed in that game.

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