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Method picks up a competitive Fortnite squad

Fortnite's competitive scene is beginning to take shape.

Image via Epic Games

Another well-known esports organization is entering Fortnite: Battle Royale, with Method Gaming announcing a competitive roster today.

Method’s team consists of Kevin “Noizeeh” Jaskiewicz, Martin “MartinCreek” Bäcklund, Jonathan “Jetpacks” Bergius, and Rasmus “Rasmusenn” Wiklundh.

Although Fortnite has yet to see a true competitive event, Method joins TSM as esports organizations that see enough potential in the game to sign a roster. It seems like it’s only a matter of time before Fortnite esports takes shape.

“I’m happy and thankful for the opportunity provided by Method,” said Noizeeh, who is currently ranked second in the world in the game for kill/death ratio. “I can’t wait to represent such a big name at various competitions, it’s going to be an exciting year!”

Epic Games has recently tested out custom matchmaking in Fortnite, which would undoubtedly be useful for fielding online competitions—and eventually, LAN events.

With teams like Method and TSM in the fold, competitive Fortnite is off to a good start before a shot has even been fired.