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Lightsabers are bugged, so Fortnite fans are calling for their removal

The Lightsabers are granting some players invincibility due to new bug.

Image via Epic Games

The Star Wars x Fortnite crossover has largely been a success, but the event’s Lightsabers are overstaying their welcome after desynchronizing issues have been found.

Several members of the Fortnite community have criticized the Lightsabers since there have been several instances where players are teleporting during fights due to desynchronization issues that only occur when players are using the weapons. The reason for this bug is unknown, but players are certain that its due to the coveted weapon of the Sith and Jedi. 

In one instance, a player was apparently eliminated during a fight against a Lightsaber-wielding opponent but the player wasn’t standing near the enemy, in fact, they were trying to build to gain an advantage. But the player was still eliminated, seemingly out of nowhere. 

As such, this bug seemingly grants Lightsaber-wielding enemies invincibility because they are teleporting during a gunfight.

This was the second time that the bug had occurred in two days, according to the player. Another player echoed this statement, saying that they had died eight times to this bug throughout the course of the Lightsaber’s tenure in Fortnite

Fans who want the weapons gone won’t have to wait long. The Lightsabers are set to be removed from regular game modes in Fortnite on Jan. 7, according to Fortnite leaker HYPEX, but the Lightsabers could still be in limited-time modes.