Fortnite Tournament Pin Guide: How to Get One and What They Do - Dot Esports

Learn how to get a pin in the new Fortnite in-game tournaments

If you play exceptionally well, you can get a pin.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s new Events tab, which was added in the 6.10 update yesterday, brought in-game tournaments for players in every region. If you have Fortnite, regardless of your platform, you can play matches in this new system.

The goals players must achieve to earn points are similar to the ones in the Fortnite competitions. The more opponents you kill and the better you place in the match, the more points you earn.

There will be several in-game tournaments for players. Right now the daily Alpha Tournament and the weekly Friday Night Fortnite are the main tournaments taking place this week.

If you have a great overall performance during a session of any event, you will be awarded with an exclusive pin.

What is a pin?

A pin is a symbol players earn for having a great performance in a Fortnite in-game event. Players earn different pins for different tournaments, and how hard it will be to earn each pin might vary too.

Epic Games has mentioned that these pins will be used to qualify players for future, more competitive in-game tournaments.

How to get a pin

A player can earn a tournament pin if they reach a certain number of points in a single event session. A session is the group of matches someone plays in a single day of an event. For the daily Alpha Tournament, for example, every day is a different three-hour session and will award players with a new pin.

Players can earn points every match by achieving goals. All goals are worth one point each, and so far there are six of them per match. The points are carried over after the match and added to the points of the next one in a single session, but they reset after that session is over.

At this moment, it seems that the goals of every tournament vary if they are Solo, Duos, or Squads tournaments. The number of points needed to unlock a pin varies as well.


Pin unlocked at 20 points.

  • Three Eliminations
  • Five Eliminations
  • Seven Eliminations
  • Reach Top 10
  • Reach Top 3
  • Victory Royale


Pin unlocked at 25 points.

  • Four Eliminations
  • Six Eliminations
  • Eight Eliminations
  • Reach Top 5
  • Reach Top 3
  • Victory Royale


Pin unlocked at 20 points.

  • Six Eliminations
  • Nine Eliminations
  • Twelve Eliminations
  • Reach Top 3
  • Reach Top 2
  • Victory Royale

We will continue to update this article whenever Epic releases more information about pins and in-game events.