Leaks show Among Us cosmetics could be coming to Fortnite

Always wanted to have a little crewmate running with you through Fortnite? You're in luck.

Image via Innersloth

It’s finally happening. Among Us is coming to Fortnite—sort of.

While it doesn’t seem like players will be able to don a full outfit as a blob-shaped, bipedal crew member from the internet’s favorite social deduction game, images and videos of new Among Us cosmetics in the battle royale were leaked today, with several well-known leakers and Fortnite news accounts posting about them.

The real prize of the cosmetics shown off is the Distraction Dance emote.

The emote, originally coming from Innersloth’s Henry Stickmin games, also made its way to Among Us as one of the most meme-able ways imposters could throw crewmates off their scent—not that it really worked or anything like that, just that they could try it. Crucially, it sounds like the classic Distraction Dance music will also come to Fortnite, a vital part of the dance’s charm.

Another item that will reportedly come with some Among Us-inspired sound cues is the crewmate back bling. Players can get the back bling and will see a small crewmate riding on their back, almost like a little backpack with legs. The crewmate back bling will move its legs like their running when you’re running in-game, and players with the back bling equipped will hear the imposter kill sound when they get knocked. Because you are just part of the crew here, right? No one is being sus here.

The back bling can also reportedly be changed to whatever color crew member you prefer.

While no official release date has been announced yet for these leaked cosmetics, the information available seems to suggest they will be released by the end of this week. Players anxious to get their hands on some interstellar gear they can equip should keep their eyes peeled for updates to the Item Shop.

Update June 9 10:47am CT: Innersloth officially confirmed that Among Us cosmetics are coming to the Fortnite Item Shop on June 9. They will be available for players to purchase until June 9, 2023. 


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