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Last set of Fortnitemares challenges is bugged and doesn’t count previous challenges

Players can't complete the last challenge of the event and unlock the Dark Engine.

Image via Epic Games

Several Fortnite: Battle Royale players are complaining that they can’t complete the last Fortnitemares challenge to get the epic glider Dark Engine.

Players went to Reddit to show that the last challenge, “Complete Fortnitemares Challenges,” only counts Fortnitemare challenges players complete in that day. It does not take into account challenges players complete on parts one, two, and three before this last challenge went live, as it should. If a player completes all challenges of the last part, this last challenge will show that only five out of 14 challenges are complete, disregarding the other nine challenges from previous sets.

We have also tested this issue on the PC. The challenge Complete Fortnitemare Challenges really does not take previous challenges into account.

The problem seems to be happening in more than one platform of the game, since there are reports of this bug happening for PC and PS4 players.

With this bug, these players are unable to get the final reward of the Fortnitemares events, the epic glider Dark Engine.

Epic Games said on Twitter that it is working on a fix for this issue. The company also said that there is another bug with the challenges where “players must destroy the Cube Fragment in order to receive credit for the Challenge: Damage Cube Fragments.”

This is not the first time Fortnite players have a surprise with Fortnitemare challenges, but the last time was a happier surprise. Players who completed the third set of challenges could get up to 350 Battle Stars instead of experience points. Epic eventually clarified it was an unintended bug and fixed the issue, but players kept what they earned in that period.