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Jetpack is back in Fortnite with the return of Close Encounters

Jetpacks were last seen in early June.

Image via Epic Games

Fortnite’s 7.01 update today brought back Jetpacks in the return of the Limited Time Mode Close Encounters. Fortnite developer Epic Games revealed the details in the patch notes today.

This is the Jetpack’s first return since it was vaulted in early June as part of the 4.3 Content Update.

Players in the Close Encounters mode are motivated to force close quarters engagements. The only items available are Jetpacks and Shotguns of every type and rarity. Jetpacks and Heavy Shotguns are only found in chests and Supply Drops, while other Shotguns are also available as floor loot.

Close Encounters is a fast game mode. Epic says the typical match length is about 15 minutes, since players have to make more aggressive plays to take the most out of their shotguns while avoiding a Storm circle that moves quicker than in standard modes.

Close Encounters will likely have its own set of optimal strategies that will differ from those of standard modes. Players will feel safer to build high structures since they can avoid fall damage using their Jetpacks, and invading the opponent’s structures will also be easier since you can fly towards them.

The 7.01 patch notes mention only the basics of the mode, so players should expect a version that is similar to the last one. Close Encounters is a mode that has been first seen in season four, when it was added in the 4.2 content update. Epic disabled it in May to evaluate “the effect sky bases have on this LTM.”

Epic is yet to mention if they found a solution to that issue. Players will be able to check it by themselves as soon as the server downtime for the 7.01 update is over.