It looks like Fortnite is teasing a new ranked mode

Is this an Arena update or something more?

Screengrab via Fortnite

Ranked play modes are all the rage in battle royale games these days, and it looks like Fortnite will soon have a dedicated ranked play mode of its own.

Fortnite posted short video teaser today showing off what looks like all new skill tier divisions for an upcoming variant of a ranked playlist this afternoon. And while it’s cryptic, the icons are familiar enough for players to get the gist of the tease: ranked is coming.

The icons look to follow similar ratings from other ranked game’s modes, with icons following the pattern of bronze, silver, gold, and diamond all the way up to a very cool-looking icon for the top rank.

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It’s unclear at this time if the ranked mode is an expansion of the Arena mode in Fortnite, or an all-new ranked play for the battle royale game. But either way, its players are hyped for whatever comes next.

With Fortnite’s Chapter Four, season four due to begin in a few weeks, it’s possible that the tease today will lead to the new mode (or whatever else Epic Games might be teasing) launching alongside the new season.

Warzone 2 finally launched its own ranked play mode this weekend, and other battle royale games like Apex Legends also feature a competitive ladder where players must rack up kills and place well in matches in order to climb the ranks. Fortnite looks like it’s following suit in a bid to keep up with its major competitors in the genre.


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