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Is Attack on Titan coming to Fortnite? Leaks, rumors, and everything else we know

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The Fortnite multi-verse is one of the most diverse and dynamic entities in all of gaming, with various characters and celebrities coming in and out of the game over the years and various seasons. Characters from DC, Marvel, Star Wars, and other films and games have made their way to the island via the Omniverse.

Fans are always asking for new characters from different franchises to join the game, including the popular anime series Attack on Titan. But is the iconic franchise making its way to Fortnite? Let’s take a look.

Attack on Titan Fortnite leaks

A couple of Fortnite dataminers have claimed to have found some encrypted items that may be connected to Attack on Titan. Two supposed skins going by the codename “Athena Commando M Rumble” and “Athena Commando F Rumble” were discovered by dataminer SinX6.

Athena Commando has been used as a codename for outfit skins in the past, and fans are hypothesizing that “Rumble” is a reference to a cataclysmic event in Attack on Titan known as The Rumbling. If you’re not caught up on the show, we highly suggest not searching for The Rumbling, as it contains spoilers for those currently caught up.

On top of that, both SinX6 and Shiina have found the new shop background for the items using the Rumble codename, and are drawing comparisons to effects that appear in the original Attack on Titan opening theme. This is purely speculation, but a male and female skin would mostly like arrive in the form of primary characters Eren and Mikasa.

It’s a bit of a reach but not something that can be completely ruled out. Attack on Titan has a massive fanbase online and its inclusion in Fortnite would likely be considered a major event.