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Ice Storm challenges are now available in Fortnite

It's a bit chilly on the battle royale island.

The Ice Storm event is live in Fortnite: Battle Royale, and there are some challenges that come along with it.

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There are 13 challenges that will be available as part of the Ice Storm event. Two of the 13 automatically showed up after the Giant Ice King covered the battle royale map with snow, and at the same time, zombies returned as well.

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Here are the first two Ice Storm challenges:

  • Destroy Ice Fiends (250)
  • Deal damage with explosive weapons to the Ice Legion (5,000)
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Unfortunately, the Ice Storm event is applicable in all of the playlists in the game, so normal Fortnite may have to wait until the event is over. This was the same case for the Fortnitemares event that took place in October, in which purple zombies spawned from their obelisks.

This guide will be updated with the challenges and rewards for the Ice Storm event every day.

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