How to watch Friday Fortnite

The all-star competition will feature a $20,000 prize pool.

Image via Epic Games

The hottest video game in the world, Fortnite: Battle Royale, is expanding into esports with weekly tournaments featuring some of the most popular gaming stars on the internet.

Friday Fortnite is a weekly online competition co-hosted by UMG Events and YouTube show DramaAlert host Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem, pitting 32 teams of duos against one another in a battle for pride, bragging rights, and cash. The double-elimination tournament has seen a lot of success in the past month, with KEEMSTAR claiming nearly 10 million unique viewers tune into the event.

This week’s tournament on July 20 will feature a $20,000 prize pool, with the winners taking half of the prize. Matches will be played in a best-of-three format that awards the victory to the team with the most kills in the series.

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Similarly to previous tournaments, the 11th Friday Fortnite will feature a star-studded player lineup, and there will be several first-round matchups to watch out for. Fans can tune in to the tournament from 3pm CT via numerous streams. Not only will each of the 64 players involved be broadcasting their point-of-view, UMG will be following the action on its Twitch channel.

Every player in the tournament is popular in their own way, with some having millions of YouTube subscribers, some with high-viewership live streams, and some are the most talented Fortnite players in the world.

Here are five of the most popular streams where you can watch the Friday Fortnite tournament this week.

Tournament play begins at 3pm CT and will continue throughout the day until the grand finals, where the 11th Friday Fortnite tournament champions will be crowned.

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