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How to unlock the Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak Fortnite skins early

Smooth as silk.

Screengrab via Epic Games

Fortnite is expanding its Icon roster with Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak.

The Silk Sonic Duo will make their way to Fortnite on Feb. 10. And like previous special edition skins, the only guaranteed way to acquire them will be through purchasing them from the Item Shop.

Icon Series skins also introduce legendary dance moves and songs to the Fortnite world. If you can’t wait until Feb. 10 to unlock everything, it’s also possible to unlock them ahead of schedule.

The following method is the only way to unlock the skins earlier than scheduled. All Fortnite players will still be eligible to purchase the Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak skins when they become available for everyone on Feb. 10. 

How can you unlock Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak in Fortnite early?

To celebrate the duo’s arrival, Epic is organizing a tournament. This tournament doesn’t have a prize pool, but it rewards high-ranking players with the Sonic Duo cosmetic items, which allows players to unlock the skins earlier than scheduled for free.

Participating in the tournament won’t be enough, however, since players will need to place well to unlock the skins. Achieving the following rankings in your region will be enough to add the Sonic Duo to your collection:

RegionPlacement requirement to unlock the Silk Sonic duo on Feb. 7
EuropeFirst to 1,250th
North America EastFirst to 625th
North America WestFirst to 250th
BrazilFirst to 250th
AsiaFirst to 125th
OceaniaFirst to 125th
Middle EastFirst to 125th

From Feb. 7 to 10, players who’ll unlock the skins will be the only ones eligible to wear them, making the Sonic Duo the rarest skins in Fortnite for three days.